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1.5 x 1.8m
Oil on canvas with sequins embedded into paint to create a shimmering sparkle. Gilded with 23 ct gold.
Contact Fiona for more information.

The Butterfly Angel Original Painting

  • This piece depicts an Angel walking through the grass and while she does butterflies gather to create her gown.

    She represents patience, hope and the appreciation of life itself.

    The right things will graviate towards us if we are patient ,just allow it to happen and it will .

    No force needed the right things in our life will come when the time is right .

    Shooting stars represent an appreciation of a short but glorious moments of beauty. A moment that lasts a spit second but can be remembered for a lifetime. As too Butterflies with their short but beautiful life. They not only represent transformation but transition.

    They come out of their cocoon not sure of what they will be come until they spread their wings and realise they can fly.

    It has been so much fun painting this piece. It is up for sale and you can come and visit her at The Studio while she is here in all her blazing colour. <3

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